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Kingston offers various DDR4 8GB laptop RAM modules. Here’s a general overview of what you might expect from one of their DDR4 8GB laptop RAM modules:

  1. Capacity: The RAM module has a capacity of 8 gigabytes (GB), which is a common size for laptop memory upgrades.
  2. Type: DDR4 (Double Data Rate 4) is the fourth generation of DDR RAM technology, providing improved speed and efficiency over its predecessors.
  3. Speed: The speed can vary depending on the specific model, but common speeds for DDR4 laptop RAM include 2133MHz, 2400MHz, 2666MHz, and higher.
  4. Form Factor: SODIMM (Small Outline Dual In-line Memory Module) – This smaller form factor is designed specifically for laptops and other compact systems.
  5. Compatibility: Kingston’s DDR4 8GB laptop RAM modules are designed to be compatible with a wide range of laptops that support DDR4 memory. However, it’s always a good idea to check your laptop’s specifications or consult with the manufacturer to ensure compatibility before purchasing.
  6. Manufacturer: Kingston is a reputable manufacturer known for producing reliable memory products with good performance and compatibility.
  7. Usage: Upgrading your laptop’s RAM with a Kingston DDR4 8GB module can improve overall system performance, allowing for smoother multitasking, faster application loading times, and better responsiveness, particularly when handling demanding tasks such as gaming, video editing, or running virtual machines.

When choosing a specific Kingston DDR4 8GB laptop RAM module, consider factors such as speed, compatibility, and your budget to ensure you select the best option for your needs.


Part Number Capacity Kit Chip Organization Ranking DRAM Density Availability
KVR56S46BS6-8 8GB Single Module X8 1R 16Gbit Available
Memory Size



1 Year Warranty, 2 Year Warranty




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